A total solution for Hardware, Cloud Platform, and
Real-time Remote Monitoring and Management

Avalue RS2 integrates hardware, software, and cloud platforms, meeting the needs of smart IoT applications. RS2 allows you to collect intensive data, minimize down time, and control the remote devices. Meanwhile, evaluating the performance of all remote systems to promote efficient and reliable operations.

Device Management Key Attributes

RS2 includes the OOB management solution, providing remote power on/off/reset, and recovery OS functions.

WHEREVER, WHENEVER the software is non-responsive, the system is crashed, or the device is intruded, RS2 ’s in-time alert and one-button recovery ease the effort of managing multiple remote devices.

RS2 has timely device monitoring, real-time alert, and correlation of logs and events for troubleshooting. RS2 recovers the host OS from crashes and resuscitates the host, automatically backup your critical data.

Cloud-based management platform has easy access to monitor and control all the at-hand and remote devices. A dashboard shows the device status, CPU loading, memory loading, storage lifespan, storage health, and key index synchronously.

Helps You Manage Your Different
Devices In Real-Time



Fast and Save Money

  • Attributing real-time reactions to the recovery duties on the Cloud

  • Reduce the traditional time-consuming and costly on-site maintenance, or avoids company from even bigger business losses

One-Stop-Shop Solution

RS2 Integrates with Avalue’s Own Products and Service

  • The most incredible thing of RS2 is it goes with Avalue’s own hardware

  • Choose the appropriate Avalue hardware installing RS2, and apply the solution in any scenario

Improve the Efficiency

  • Easily monitor and manage 2500 devices through our portal

  • Get the real-time devices status, alert, notify malicious actions, and one-button recovery remotely solve all the issues

Avalue x Innodisk

  • Avalue is aligned with Innodisk on RS2 cloud management for timely device monitoring and one-button recovery

  • Avalue RS2 software combined with hardware integrates Innodisk’s iCAP and InnoAge technologies, making RS2 a powerful solution


RS2 supports edge computing and connects to Web services then tansmit to private cloud which could easily be built by customers. Users can control and manage devices efficiently.

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